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Key technology developed for culture and breeding of sablefish Anoplopoma fimbria

The Science and Technology Bureau of Yantai City recently organized an onsite expert review of the project ‘Key technology for culture and breeding of Anoplopoma fimbria’, which was carried out by researchers from Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute and Yantai Haiyi Seedling co. Experts from the Institute of Oceanology (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Ocean University of China, Jimei University, Ocean University of Dalian and Zhujiang River Fisheries Research Institute participated in the review. The experts listened to the work report of the project team, and checked the relevant documents and materials. The size and quantity of the broodstock and seedlings of Anoplopoma fimbria were measured and confirmed onsite.

Anoplopoma fimbria is a fish species of the Arctic Ocean and North Pacific. Because of its high academic and economic value, Anoplopoma fimbria culture and breeding techniques have enriched China research on low temperature marine finfish.